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Mr. Yuri Rudenko


Love for fungi and their absence birth to this project.

Since ancient times was known quite unusual properties of truffles. Being an excellent antioxidant, are beneficial to the appearance of man and help him look much younger than his years. High content of vitamins B and PP make use of truffle especially useful for pregnant and lactating women and for adolescents, whose bodies are facing serious overloading due to rapid growth.Since ancient times, we know that truffle - is the most powerful aphrodisiac, and in our time, scientists have determined that fungi secrete pheromones, and inhalation of volatile substances affect one part of the head of the brain responsible for sensuality, attraction to the opposite sex and emotion.
This fungus is used for performance improvement of the circulatory system, it stabilizes the blood circulation and is perfect for diseases of the eye. Widespread use of mushrooms were in cosmetics, where they made on anti-aging creams that are able to smooth out wrinkles, tighten skin and remove spots. Hair masks with truffles contain proteins and amino acids, and thus endowed with healing properties. In general, all cosmetic products made from these precious mushrooms have a lot of positive feedback.


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